Water infrastructure Projects


First Rural Project In The World To Supply Drinking Water From Air. Set Up In 2009 Jalimudi in Andhra Pradesh is the world’s first village to use atmospheric water technology.


  • Few taps in the village.
  • Water contamination.
  • Nearest river source over 3 km away.
  • Ground water contained fluoride.
  • Hours wasted in collection of water
  • Scope of Work:

    Water Production Process

  • Requiring only electricity or alternate energy sources, Water Maker uses optimized dehumidification techniques to condense water from air.
  • Blower driven forced air is drawn into the system through an electrostatic filter.
  • Within the machine’s exterior a housing compressor circulates refrigerant through a coil array located in the path of the air.
  • The chilled coils provide a temperature differential between the air and coil surface resulting in condensation.
  • Heat is removed by a heat exchanger. Freeze protection is thermostatically controlled.
  • Water Storage & Filtration System

  • he condensation is funneled into a holding tank.
  • A level switch located in the holding tank controls the machine’s water making cycle.
  • Water in the holding tank is in direct contact with the submersible UV filter (which kills bacteria) and later through a series of pre & post carbon & UF filter. The water filtration cycle is both flow controlled (upon dispensing) and time controlled.
  • Water is dispensed by tap valve diversion during the water filtration cycle.