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About Us

Onecharge is a Complete EV charging infrastructure solution from Greenpill Group. Electric mobility is the smart choice. We make it the easy one, since 2020, we’ve focused solely on offering the best electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for everyone involved in the shift to electric mobility. Here’s how we do it—and why we won’t stop.

EV Charging is all we do, and we do it all

We offer best in class AC chargers, DC fast chargers and other tech enable ecosystem. Passenger cars, delivery vehicles, buses and more—we charge any EV, anywhere it goes. We’ve built a fully inte-grated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support with the best technology in the industry.

Building a Brighter Future

We charge all of the models that are out on the streets. And we drive a lot of them ourselves, too. Because EV charging isn’t just our business. It’s our passion. We’re already the leading EV charging opertor, with the best technology (and people). But we’re not stopping there. We’re all in on electric mobility, to build a brighter future for all of us.

Be The Change

End To End

Ev Charging


Charger Type

  • Ac Charger
  • Wall Box Charger
  • DC Fast Charger
  • Hybrid Charger