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Solid Waste De-Composition Machine
Garbage Destruction System with Scientific Nano Technology
Scientific Treatment of Mixed Solid Waste

  • Kitchen Waste
  • Household Mix waste
  • Cloths, Plastics,
  • Medicines, Sanitation Materials
  • Street Waste
  • Garbage of Residential & Commercial Complex

  • Working Principle

  • Closed Chamber destruction with plasma and ionization techniques at OXYGEN STARVED condition.
  • The decomposition temperature is around 350-400 depends on solid waste input. Do not require electric or other power or fuel for substance for decomposition.

  • Technical Features:

    1. It Operate Low Temperature Heat Decomposition Method.
    2. CMA- Function on Concentrate Magnetic Action Technology.
    3. Process At PLASMA STATE- After Initial Startup fire, destruction starts slowly by splitting the molecules into atoms. There atoms further ionized as electrons, proton and neutron and this state is called as “PLASMA STATE


    1. It is No power – No Fuel Decomposition Machine.
    2. It is not an incinerator, hence no requirement of external Energy at every time.
    3. The unit is low temperature magnetic field de-composer utilizing special magnetic field and dissipate energy

    Available in Size:

    1. 1000 KG/Day
    2. 2000 KG/Day
    3. 3000KG/ Day