GreenPill - A Mailen Group Initiative

The promotion of the windmill as non-renewable source of energy...
Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad

Why Green Pill

Not for a profit but for Green cause

"", a green initiative by Mailen Group. A movement of Green revolution has begun and we are proudly announce that we are in implement phase of launching a website for alternate way of renewable energy, effective practical way to reduce global warming and green house effect to make better and safer earth.

"Go Green" not because of green is energy saver but "Go Green" can fetch you rewards and free gifts. A brain child of Mailen Group, towards small step to curb the global warming. By Surfing and purchasing from our site, you will get green fuels. Accumulate Green fuels/Green credits as much you can and we will give you rewards.

Count down begins!!!!!!!!!!

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