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The promotion of the windmill as non-renewable source of energy...
Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad

What I can do for Greendia.

"Green India- Green World", A movement and a burning desire of every individual who wants do start a green work that shows that from now onwards I am duly responsible of my work that directly or indirectly harms our planet.

Time to change – Green

Greendia, A movement that shares some of the best mind with innovative green ideas to make our planet better living place for our children and for that I could go few extra miles to educate others.

Look in to Green Path

So from now onwards I will take extra care to do my work and try my best to make it green. Share your thoughts to motivate and encourage others to follow or show new green path. It may help millions to change the way they work or live. Show your green work to the world and earn credit or green fuels.

Don't wait to have a better tomorrow...!! Act now to make a better tomorrow.

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