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The promotion of the windmill as non-renewable source of energy...
Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad

What is Greendia.

Not for a profit but for Green cause

Green India is a movement lead by Mailen Group to create awareness about Go Green. A movement where policy makers, Statesman, scientist, students, farmers etc., work together for green cause.

A green movement that ignite young and dynamic mind of youth to secure future of our next generation. A whole new paradigm shift is taking place to save our earth irrespective of what ever price we have to pay. Revolution begins with taking simple step by common people. Let’s come together and join us to make earth better and safer place to live.

We can practice every small step in our daily life to optimize our energy utilization. Also any one can become a green inspiration sources for rest of the world. Show us your green initiative backed by proof, we will broadcast your innovative work, green idea, inventions in front of the world. Let’s world see a mass movement which is taking place to save our mother earth.

Take volunteer initiative and practice what ever we can because our every single step will boost our economy. After all a green economy generate green jobs for green world.

What I can do for greendia


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