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The promotion of the windmill as non-renewable source of energy...
Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad

About Green Pill

Not for a profit but for Green cause

Green pill symbolizes Green Grow, Live More concept. At , we give our best in line effort to transform today’s work to Green work, today’s effort to green effort for safer and greener future. is all about managing green resources, minimize energy utilization, empowering green and clean technology. Here we give across the sector consultancy to reduce energy budget, providing green Energy, transforming to Green business to generate green color jobs for Green economy.

Sole aim of is to generate public awareness about climate change, global warming, green house effect, reducing carbon emission, adapting CTM (Clean Technology Mechanism) practice in Industry, corporate and government sector.

Also in addition we practice Information Technology to converge business in to green and energy efficient. Eco friendly product and service will generate Green Jobs to transform our economy to green economy.

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